First global real-time air pollution map online

air pollution forecast appAir pollution is one of the biggest silent killers of our time. A new research, published in the journal Nature, concluded that 3.3 million people every year die prematurely from outdoor air pollution.

During Paris summit on Climate Change, Plume Labs has launched its World Air Map, a live map of air pollution around the world to show which cities are suffering the most. Plume Labs collects half a million open data environmental  from 11,000 stations every day to build predictive models. Now they can estimate hourly air pollution levels everywhere in the world and makes this information available at Plume Labs‘ website, and the free Air Report app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

air pollution map world

air-pollution-forecastThe resulting data, which is very well visualized, informs citizens about what times of day are the least healthy to be outside due to high air pollution levels. According to Plume founder Romain Lacombe, the company’s goal is to make the information available to people in a way that helps them make decisions every day to protect their health.

Green Action News reported that the data provided by Plume Labs have already had a huge impact. It helped identify the pollution episode in March 2015 when PM 2.5 concentration in Paris topped that of Beijing leading the French government to cut half the cars from the road to reduce air pollution.

Plume Labs‘ website
Air Report App for iOS
Air Report App for Android

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