components of german electricity price

Electricity price Germany: What households pay for power

Compare: electricity prices Europe or electricity prices US Average household electricity use in Germany What do you think about the electricity prices in Germany? We’d love to hear what you think about  the article or maybe you have a ...
German Power Mix 2020

Germany’s Power Mix 2020 – Data, Charts & Key Findings

The share of renewable energy in Germany’s Power Generation climbed to 50.5 percent in 2020 [net]. This makes Renewables the most important energy source in the county’s power mix.
electricity prices europe 2020

Electricity Prices in Europe – Who Pays the Most?

Country List: Electricity prices in Europe 2020 Electricity prices for Industry consumers in Europe 2020 In Europe, residential consumer prices for electricity have long exceeded the industrial prices, and the gap has even become ...
Power Mix Electricity Germany

Germany’s Power Generation Mix 2019

Germany hit record high of 46% renewable energy generation in 2019. New article: Power Generation Mix 2020 Electricity Generation in Germany 2019 Do you have any questions about the German power generation mix? We’d love to hear what ...
Tesla Powerwall Facts

Facts about the Tesla Powerwall Battery

It's been a week since Tesla unveiled its Powerwall battery system for homes and businesses. Elon Musk - CEO - mentioned that they already received 38,000 reservations for the home system and 2,500 reservations for the much bigger, ...

Germany: A power plant in your neighborhood?

[Survey of public opinion] Germans, who would accept a power plant close to their home. According to a survey conducted by Kantar Emnid for the German Renewable Energies Agency among 1,016 respondents, 95 percent of the Germans support ...

Germany: Solar Power Factsheet

About 1.6 million photovoltaic systems with a total capacity of 41 gigawatt (GW) are installed in Germany, ranging from small rooftop systems to large solar parks. In 2016 photovoltaics produced approximately 5.9 percent of Germany’s ...

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