Germany’s Power Generation Mix 2019

Germany hit record high of 46% renewable energy generation in 2019.

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According to numbers provided by Fraunhofer ISE renewable energy based electricity generation in Germany sets a new record in 2020 and represents now 46% of the country’s gross power generation. That made Renewables the most important energy source in Germany for seven years in a row now.

Total renewable electricity capacity was 236 TWh [bn kWh], a 13% increase on a year earlier. Above average wind and sunshine led to an increase in power generation from wind farms and PV installations with 21% of the annual increase coming from wind power alone.

With a total share of 24.5%, wind power became the most important energy source [126 TWh] in the German electricity mix 2019 and displaced the long-standing top dog lignite [102 TWh].

The record month with a total share of 54% in renewable energy production was March 2019, followed by June with 53%.

Wind power is now Germany’s leading energy source at 24.5%.

Photovoltaics performed particularly well, with generation increasing by 2% per cent compared to the same period last year. German solar power plants delivered over 46 billion kilowatt hours.

Biomass power generation slightly increased its revenue compared to the previous year and delivered about 44 billion kWh.

A significant decrease were seen in energy production from lignite [- 20%]. German power plants only made a contribution of 102 billion kilowatt hours in 2019. This reduces the share of the electricity mix to 19.8%.

Hard coal suffered a 31% loss in 2019, generating only 50 billion kWh [72 billion kWh in 2018]. Electricity generation from gas-fired power plants has increased by 19%.

Power Generation Germany 2019

Energy Sourcebn kWh%
Hard coal499,5
Natural gas5410,5
Wind power12624,5
Solar power469,1
power generation 2019 [net]513 kwh

Power Mix Electricity Germany

Electricity Generation in Germany 2019

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